Test Drives Made Easy with Evans Cars Direct

Chances are, you've seen those ads for websites like Carvana and Vroom. They promise low prices, and the convenience of buying a car completely online. But is that really the best way to do it? For Dayton, OH car buyers, Evans Cars Direct is here to provide a local alternative to online car websites like Carvana or Vroom.

Test Drive On Your Terms

Shopping for a car online can lead to something we like to call "analysis paralysis." There are different years, models, trim levels, and more to consider. And often, the cars you want to compare are located at car dealerships on opposite ends of Dayton. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just choose the cars you are interested in and have them dropped off at your home for a test drive?

With Evans Cars Direct, you can do just that.

Once you've looked at our inventory of new & used cars, all you need to do is schedule your at-home test drive. We drop the car off at your home or office, explain some basic features, and you have the next 24 hours to enjoy your test drive. No visits to the dealership, no salesman, no obligations.

All of Evans Cars Direct's online inventory is located right here in Dayton, making it easy to compare multiple vehicles and get your questions answered.

How does Evans Cars Direct compare to Carvana & Vroom?

Evans Cars Direct, like Carvana, gives Dayton drivers the chance to buy their car almost completely online. But we are also a local Dayton business, and give our customers access to the same staff and support they would get when buying at the dealership. Local also means fast. Fast financing, fast delivery, and fast service.

Evans VIP Benefit

All Evans Cars Direct customers also become part of the Evans VIP Exclusive. Being an Evans VIP gets you free ding removal, car washes, and oil changes. It also comes with trade-in bonuses, airport valet service, and more. With a total value of $3,000, it pays to buy local with Evans Cars Direct. Online companies like Carvana can't compete with the lifetime value offered by Evans Cars Direct to our local customers.

More Than A Dealership

Evans Cars Direct brings together the inventory, expertise, and service of a wide network of dealers and brands. The result is an expansive inventory of new & used vehicles to serve all of Dayton. From the most opulent luxury SUVs to budget used cars, Evans Cars Direct has something for every Dayton driver.

Our convenient online inventory allows shoppers to compare similar models between brands, enjoy a huge selection of used vehicles from across Dayton, and take advantage of unique dealer specials. More than a dealership, Evans Cars Direct is Dayton's source for all its automotive needs. From test drives delivered to your door, to online shopping, to local financing and service, we have you covered.