Listen: We know that Evans Cars Direct isn't the first business you've seen offering online car sales and delivery. Carvana and Vroom now have years on the market, and some of our Dayton customers even ordered vehicles from them in the past. So what sets Evans Cars Direct apart?

As it turns out, there are a lot of important differences between Evans Cars Direct and the other guys.

The similarities are there too. Evans Cars Direct, Carvana, and Vroom all offer Dayton buyers the convenience of shopping online, and having their car delivered to their home. But Evans Cars Direct offers much more.

Real Local Business, Real Local Service 

Unlike Carvana and Vroom, Evans Cars Direct is based right here in Dayton, Ohio. And even if you want to buy your car online, there are a lot of advantages to working with a locally owned and operated business.

Local businesses simply do a better job than national corporations at serving their Dayton, Ohio customers. Local realtors, local financial advisers, local bank branches, and local car dealerships all have one thing in common: They offer Dayton customers in-person service and relationships that an online company can't match.

That local presence sets Evans Cars Direct apart from other online car buying sites. We are able to pull from all the resources of the Evans Dealer Group in Dayton to make sure our Ohio customers are taken care of. From inventory, to financing, to service and after-sales support, Dayton buyers can have the confidence that there is someone right down the road who can help.

At-Home Test Drives

Once you've done your online research, the next step is normally to visit a dealership to test drive the vehicle. But sometimes Dayton drivers feel they don't have enough time with the vehicle, or that there are strings attached. That's why Evans Cars Direct offers free at-home test drives. See a vehicle you like? Let us know, and we will drop it off at your home or office for a 24-hour test drive. No commitments, no strings attached.

Our at-home test drive gives Dayton, OH shoppers the chance to really get to know the new or used vehicle they're considering. And when you are done, you can drop the vehicle off at our location, or we can come pick it up. Whichever you prefer. Carvana and Vroom can't match our local test-drive delivery.

But Carvana & Vroom Say They Offer Test Drives

While Carvana and Vroom like to say they offer a "test drive", it's really just a return period. And you guessed it, returning a vehicle that you financed and had shipped across the country is not a simple process. Many Dayton buyers will also trade in or sell their current vehicle when making a purchase, so what happens if you don't like the vehicle that Vroom sent you?

One of the reasons Carvana and Vroom can take the risk of delivering a vehicle that might be returned, is that they know most Dayton car buyers won't go through the hassle of returning it. Compare that to having an Evans Cars Direct test drive dropped off and picked up at your home, and it's clear that shopping with a local business has a lot of advantages.

Read a testimonial from a former Vroom customer.

Buy Online Or In Person

For Ohio residents who lead a busy lifestyle, being able to buy your car online is a welcome convenience. But unlike other online companies, Evans Cars Direct can get you financing on the same day, letting you drive home in your car or have it delivered. No mailing documents back and forth.

Not everybody wants a fully online car buying experience. A lot of our Dayton customers like to meet with a member of dealership staff, walk through the showroom, and sit down to talk financing face to face. With Evans Cars Direct, you can do that too. Enjoy an at-home test drive, then stop into the dealership to seal the deal or look at other models. Or, have another test drive delivered to compare. We're all about making things easy.

Our mission at Evans Cars Direct is to bring your car from the dealership to your doorstep, in the way that fits your lifestyle. This unique combination of online delivery and hometown service makes shopping with us more convenient than a traditional dealership, and less risky than distant online retailers. Carvana and Vroom might sound like convenient alternatives to a traditional dealership, but the reality isn't as rosy.

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